About Us

About Us

Shoshanews is a great platform for jobseekers and employers in South Africa. By sharing job offers, we provide valuable services to both job seekers searching for opportunities and employers looking for potential candidates. We are dedicated to bridge the gap between these two groups, allowing jobseekers to find suitable job opportunities and employers to connect with qualified individuals. With Shoshanews, individuals in South Africa can explore a wide range of job offers and increase their chances of finding employment or recruiting the right candidates for their organizations. It’s always great to have platforms that facilitate the job search process and provide opportunities for career growth.

Keep in Mind:

  • Shoshanews shares job offers, but does not hire or assist candidates in the recruiting process.
  • The main purpose of Shoshanews is to provide information about job opportunities.
  • We do not have any involvement in the hiring or selection process.
  • Our role is to share job postings and help job seekers stay informed about available positions.
  • We do not offer any assistance or support in securing employment or progressing through the recruiting process.
  • Shoshanews is solely a platform for job advertisements and news.

We Do Not:

  • Shoshanews never asks for upfront payments from candidates.
  • We have no involvement or influence in helping candidates secure jobs.
  • At Shoshanews, we prioritize providing job-related information and opportunities.
  • We do not offer any services or support that require candidates to make upfront payments.
  • Our focus is solely on sharing job offers and news with our audience.
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