Fidelity Services Group: Entry level Admin Assistants

Fidelity Services Group: Entry level Admin Assistants

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Fidelity Services Group: Entry level Admin Assistants In today’s dynamic business landscape, the role of an Administrative Assistant is indispensable. They act as the cornerstone of administrative functions, facilitating seamless operations and fostering effective communication. Fidelity Services Group, based in Roodepoort, South Africa, is on the lookout for a proficient Administrative Assistant to join their ranks. With applications closing on 02 July 2024, it is crucial for interested candidates to grasp the intricacies of this role. This blog post offers a comprehensive overview of the position, detailing the duties, responsibilities, and essential qualifications required to thrive.

Overall Purpose of the Job

The primary objective of the Administrative Assistant at Fidelity Services Group is to oversee all documentation, correspondence, and office administration. This encompasses managing travel arrangements, appointments, meetings, and interactions with visitors, suppliers, and customers. A pivotal element of this role is the maintenance of the highest levels of confidentiality, ensuring the protection of sensitive information at all times.


To be successful in this role, candidates must meet several key requirements:

  1. Matric / Grade 12 Certificate: This basic educational qualification is essential.
  2. Excellent Verbal and Written Communication Skills: The ability to communicate effectively is critical, given the high volume of correspondence and interactions with clients and staff.
  3. Computer Literacy: Proficiency in MS Office, Excel, and PowerPoint is necessary to manage documentation and correspondence efficiently.
  4. Great Interpersonal Skills: The role requires frequent interaction with various stakeholders, necessitating strong interpersonal skills.
  5. High Organizational Skills: The ability to manage multiple projects and prioritize workload effectively is essential.
  6. Attention to Detail: Detail orientation ensures accuracy in documentation, minute-taking, and other administrative tasks.

Duties and Responsibilities

Coordination and Meeting Management

One of the central responsibilities of the Administrative Assistant is to coordinate and schedule meetings for the General Manager (GM), clients, management, and individual staff members. This task involves not only arranging schedules but also ensuring that all necessary preparations are in place for the meetings to run smoothly. This may include setting up virtual meetings, organizing physical meeting spaces, and ensuring that all participants have the relevant materials.

Minute-taking is another critical function. Accurate and timely minutes ensure that all meeting participants are aware of the decisions made and the actions required. The Administrative Assistant must ensure that agendas and minutes are distributed promptly, providing a clear record of discussions and decisions. Fidelity Services Group: Entry level Admin Assistants

Documentation and Correspondence

Managing all outgoing documentation and ensuring it is distributed to the appropriate parties is a key responsibility. The Administrative Assistant is responsible for typing correspondence as needed and screening all incoming documentation for the General Manager. This screening process includes prioritizing documents and obtaining necessary information from various departments.

Additionally, the Administrative Assistant must answer and screen all calls to the General Manager, providing a first point of contact and filtering inquiries to ensure only the most critical issues reach the GM.

Travel and Fleet Management

Another significant responsibility is making travel and accommodation arrangements for the General Manager and other managers. These arrangements must be made within budget, ensuring cost-efficiency. The Administrative Assistant is also responsible for controlling fleet repairs and purchase orders, ensuring the company’s vehicles are well-maintained and operational.

Client and Staff Interaction

The role requires telephonic assistance with any problems or complaints that reach the General Manager, providing detailed feedback to clients as needed. This involves handling high volumes of emails, responding promptly, and ensuring effective communication channels are maintained.

The Administrative Assistant also assists staff requiring appointments with the General Manager, ensuring smooth scheduling and efficient time management. This includes preparing commission claims for review and sign-off and performing payroll administration for the Fidelity SecureDrive (FSD), including leave forms, applications, reconciliations, and related tasks.

General Administrative Support

Supporting the sales force with general operations is crucial to help the team reach their objectives. This involves assisting with general administration duties for FSD staff and maintaining a deep knowledge of Fidelity SecureDrive’s products and services. Staying up-to-date with changes ensures that the Administrative Assistant can provide accurate information and support to both internal teams and external clients.

Ad-hoc Tasks

The Administrative Assistant is also expected to carry out any ad-hoc functions required by the Head of Department (HOD) from time to time. This flexibility ensures that the assistant can respond to dynamic business needs and support various functions as necessary.

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