MNISA: Undergraduate Bursary 2024

Apply MNISA: Undergraduate Bursary 2024

MNISA: Undergraduate Bursary 2024 Are you driven by a passion for science and eager to pursue a career that blends academic excellence with practical application? The National Metrology Institute of South Africa (NMISA) invites aspiring students to apply for its esteemed Undergraduate Bursary Programme 2024. This opportunity not only provides financial support for your studies but also opens doors to a rewarding career in Metrology, the science of precise measurement.

Discover NMISA: Leading the Way in Metrology

As South Africa’s foremost authority on measurement standards, NMISA operates under the Department of Trade, Industry, and Competition. The institute plays a pivotal role in developing and maintaining national measurement standards critical for accuracy across industries, trade, and everyday applications. By upholding these standards, NMISA significantly contributes to South Africa’s economic prosperity and quality of life.

The Undergraduate Bursary Programme: Empowering Future Leaders

The NMISA Undergraduate Bursary Programme aims to empower talented students who demonstrate academic excellence and financial need. This comprehensive bursary covers tuition fees, registration costs, residence expenses, and allowances for prescribed books and other essential materials. Successful applicants also gain valuable practical experience through internships at NMISA, enhancing their understanding of Metrology’s real-world applications. MNISA: Undergraduate Bursary 2024

Fields of Study: Where Your Passion Thrives

NMISA offers bursaries in key fields that drive scientific innovation:

  1. Engineering (Electrical/Electronic, Mechanical)
  2. Materials Science
  3. Physics
  4. Chemistry

These disciplines are at the forefront of technological advancement and play crucial roles in shaping Metrology’s future. Whether you’re fascinated by material properties, intrigued by the principles of physics, or captivated by chemical processes, NMISA provides a platform to refine your skills and contribute to groundbreaking research.

Eligibility Criteria: Who Should Apply?

To qualify for the NMISA Undergraduate Bursary Programme, candidates must:

  • Be South African citizens.
  • Be enrolled full-time at a recognized South African university in one of the specified fields of study.
  • Demonstrate academic excellence proven by Grade 11 results and Grade 12 progress report or possess a Grade 12 exemption certificate with satisfactory grades.
  • Exhibit financial need as assessed during the bursary selection process.

Commitment to Excellence: Career Prospects at NMISA

Upon completing their studies, bursary recipients are required to work at NMISA for a period equal to the duration of their bursary. This commitment ensures graduates contribute their expertise to advancing Metrology in South Africa, enhancing the nation’s scientific and technological capabilities.

How to Apply: Your Path to Success

Applications for the NMISA Undergraduate Bursary Programme 2024 are open until July 31, 2024. Interested candidates can obtain application details from the NMISA website or their university’s financial aid office. Ensure all required documents, including academic transcripts, proof of registration, and financial statements, are submitted to validate eligibility.

Why Choose NMISA?

Choosing NMISA means choosing a career path that combines academic rigor with tangible impact. Here’s why NMISA stands out:

  • Leadership in Metrology: NMISA sets benchmarks for measurement accuracy in South Africa, driving advancements across industries.
  • Professional Development: Bursary recipients benefit from mentorship and practical training, preparing them for impactful careers.
  • Impactful Contributions: Your work at NMISA directly influences national standards, contributing to economic growth and technological innovation.

How ​​t​​o Apply?

Should you meet the above requirements kindly complete the bursary application form, and attach copies of the latest academic results as well as ID.

More information can be obtained from the Human Resources telephone number 012 947 2772 or email for additional information.

Closing date for applications: 31 July 2024.​

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