Nedbank Graduate Internships 2024

Nedbank Graduate Internships 2024

Apply Nedbank Graduate Internships 2024 Programme

Nedbank Graduate Internships 2024 To learn; grow and develop skills and competencies, while gathering experience in their respective clusters / business environments and pro-actively contribute to the effective and efficient functioning of the division through projects and initiatives.

  • Reference:  134072
  • Date Listed:  30 May 2024
  • Location: 6910, ZA

Job Responsibilities

  • Are cost aware through reducing non value adding work and waste.
  • Delivery on targets; due dates and standards as per the agreement with management.
  • Aspire to deliver on tasks by becoming familiarised with what the delivery of world-class service to internal and external clients looks like and to aspire to deliver it.
  • Ensure that quality and productivity standards are consistently and accurately maintained, through following through contribute to a culture conducive to the achievement of transformation goals by participating in Nedbank Culture building initiatives (e.g., Surveys etc.).
  • Influence the enhancement of business processes and methodologies by researching and recommending improvement initiatives and effective ways to operate and add value to Nedbank and supporting the implementation thereof.
  • Ensure achievement of deliverables by liaising with relevant internal stakeholders who can assist in achieving deliverables.
  • Ensure understanding and meeting of stakeholder needs through liaising with senior staff and mentors
  • Support personal growth and enable effectiveness in performance of roles and responsibilities by ensuring all learning activities are completed; experience gained and certifications obtained within specified time frames.
  • Create and manage own career through guidance and support of management, department and colleagues.
  • Achieve team goals by ensuring own contribution and participation.
  • Maintain knowledge management; and improve team success by sharing knowledge with team and ensuring that information is provided correctly to stakeholders.

Essential Qualifications – NQF Level

  • Advanced Diplomas/National 1st Degrees

Essential Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Science in the field of Computer Science
  • BSc IT computer science
  • BSc (Mathematics)
  • BSc (Applied Mathematics)
  • B-Tech Degree in Software Development majoring in JAVA 
  • BCom Info System
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Computer Science C (CSC)
  • BSc advanced Diploma
  • BSc (ENG)-Information engineering
Technical / Professional Knowledge
  • Business writing
  • Data analysis
  • Microsoft Office
  • Basic information technology knowledge
Behavioural Competencies
  • Dynamic
  • Drivers
  • Team Players
  • Quick Learning Agility 
  • Adaptability
  • Collaborating
  • Customer Focus
  • Innovation
  • Work Ethic
  • Inquisitive 

How to Apply?

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Q1: What are the educational qualifications required to apply for the Nedbank Graduate Internships 2024 Programme?

A1: To be eligible for the Nedbank Graduate Internships 2024 Programme, candidates must have one of the following qualifications:
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, BSc IT Computer Science, BSc (Mathematics), BSc (Applied Mathematics), B-Tech Degree in Software Development majoring in JAVA, BCom Info System, Bachelor of Business Administration, Computer Science C (CSC), BSc advanced Diploma, BSc (ENG) – Information Engineering

Q2: What are the key responsibilities of an intern in this programme?

A2: Interns in the Nedbank Graduate Internships 2024 Programme are expected to:
Reduce non-value-adding work and waste, Deliver on targets, due dates, and standards as agreed with management. Aspire to deliver world-class service to internal and external clients. Maintain quality and productivity standards. Participate in Nedbank culture-building initiatives. Research and recommend process improvements. Liaise with internal stakeholders to achieve deliverables. Complete all learning activities and obtain relevant certifications.
Contribute to team goals and share knowledge with team members. Manage their own career development with guidance from management.

  1. How to Apply for Nedbank Internship Programmes

    Prepare Your Application:
    Ensure you have all the required documents, including your resume, academic transcripts, and any relevant certifications.
    Write a cover letter highlighting your qualifications, interest in the internship, and how you can contribute to Nedbank.
    Visit the Nedbank Careers Portal:
    Go to the official Nedbank careers website.
    Search for the Internship:
    Use the job reference number 134072 to locate the Nedbank Graduate Internships 2024 Programme listing.
    Submit Your Application:
    Follow the instructions on the job listing to submit your application online.
    Ensure all required fields are completed and documents are uploaded.
    Application Deadline:
    Submit your application before the specified deadline to ensure consideration.

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