OUTSurance: Graduate Internships 2024

OUTSurance: Graduate Internships 2024

Apply OUTSurance: Graduate Internships 2024 Vacancies

OUTSurance: Graduate Internships 2024 OUTSurance, a leading insurance provider in South Africa, is offering Graduate Internships for 2024. This program is designed to provide recent graduates with hands-on experience in the insurance industry, fostering their professional growth and development. As an OUTSurance intern, participants will have the opportunity to work alongside industry experts, gaining insights into various aspects of the insurance business, including risk assessment, claims processing, and customer service. This immersive experience aims to equip graduates with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their future careers.

  • Closing Date: Not specified
  • Location: Centurion, South Africa

The OUTSurance Graduate Internships 2024 program is not just about work experience; it also includes structured training sessions and mentorship opportunities. Interns will be exposed to the latest industry trends and technologies, enhancing their understanding of the dynamic insurance sector. This program is an excellent stepping stone for those looking to build a career in insurance, providing a solid foundation and a competitive edge in the job market. By joining the OUTSurance internship program, graduates can look forward to a rewarding and enriching journey that will prepare them for a successful future in the insurance industry.

The internship is a structured work-based program, affording unemployed graduates work experience in our company. The successful applicants will enter into a 12-month fixed term Internship agreement (not an employment contract) with the company and receive a stipend. 


The successful individual would need to demonstrate the below listed competencies at an advanced level: 

  • Good communication skills (verbal and written).
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Computer literate.
  • Organised, Self-disciplined and self-motivated. 
  • Deadline and results oriented.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Takes ownership and responsibility.
  • Excellent administration skills.
  • Stress tolerant.

1. Human Resource


  • Matric or equivalent. 
  • Must have completed a Degree/Diploma in Human Resources/ Industrial Psychology/ Labour Relations/ BCom Law/LLB and related qualifications.
2. Psychometrist 


  • Matric or equivalent
  • Must have completed an Honours Degree in Industrial Psychology or Masters in Psychology
  • No work experience required

How to Apply?

Human Resource Internship

Psychometrist Internship

What qualifications are required for the OUTSurance Graduate Internships 2024?

The qualifications required for the OUTSurance Graduate Internships 2024 depend on the specific role. For the Human Resource Internship, applicants must have a Matric or equivalent and must have completed a Degree or Diploma in Human Resources, Industrial Psychology, Labour Relations, BCom Law, LLB, or related qualifications. For the Psychometrist Internship, applicants must have a Matric or equivalent and must have completed an Honours Degree in Industrial Psychology or a Masters in Psychology. No prior work experience is required for either position.

What competencies are expected from successful applicants of the OUTSurance Graduate Internships 2024?

Successful applicants for the OUTSurance Graduate Internships 2024 are expected to demonstrate advanced competencies in several areas, including good communication skills (both verbal and written), good interpersonal skills, computer literacy, and organizational skills. Additionally, applicants should be self-disciplined, self-motivated, deadline and results oriented, and attentive to detail. They should also take ownership and responsibility, possess excellent administration skills, and be stress tolerant. These competencies are essential for contributing effectively to the internship program and gaining valuable experience in the insurance industry.

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