Department of Health: X12 Enrolled Nursing assistants (COVID-19 contract)

Department of Health: X12 Enrolled Nursing assistants (COVID-19 contract)

Exciting Nursing Opportunity: Enrolled Nursing Assistants (COVID-19 Contract) at Steve Biko Academic Hospital 2024

Department of Health: X12 Enrolled Nursing assistants (COVID-19 contract) Are you a dedicated nursing professional eager to make a significant impact in healthcare and wellness? Steve Biko Academic Hospital is currently seeking passionate Enrolled Nursing Assistants for a COVID-19 contract. This role is an exceptional opportunity to contribute to public health during a critical period, focusing on delivering outstanding patient care and promoting overall wellbeing. Below, we provide comprehensive details on job requirements, responsibilities, and the application process for this exciting career opportunity.

Job Overview

Reference Number: refs/020864
Directorate: Nursing
Number of Posts: 12
Package: R165 177.00 per annum plus 37% in lieu of benefits
Location: Steve Biko Academic Hospital
Closing Date: 18-07-2024

The role of a Staff Nurse is pivotal in the realm of health and wellness. By ensuring wellness and wellbeing through their duties, they significantly contribute to the emotional health and health and wellbeing of patients. These positions not only focus on mental wellness but also play a crucial part in maintaining the overall environment of a health and wellness center.


For any queries related to this position, please contact Ms. DM Busang at 012-354 2852.

Key Requirements

To be eligible for this role, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Educational Qualification: Relevant qualification in Nursing.
  • Professional Registration: Registered with the South African Nursing Council (SANC) as a Nursing Assistant (Auxiliary Nurse).
  • Knowledge Base: Understanding of Batho Pele Principles, the patients’ rights charter, and other relevant regulations.
  • Skills: Strong communication skills, ability to work under pressure, and teamwork capabilities.
  • Experience: Verified proof of relevant experience is required.
Duties and Responsibilities

As an Enrolled Nursing Assistant, your responsibilities will include:

  • Patient Support: Assisting patients with daily living activities and self-care to enhance their wellbeing.
  • Quality Care: Providing quality care in line with the scope of practice and guidelines, contributing to the patients’ overall health and wellness.
  • Clinical Nursing Care: Delivering elementary clinical nursing care according to scope of practice.
  • Professional Development: Maintaining professional growth, ethical standards, and self-development, ensuring emotional health and resilience.
  • Health Education: Educating patients, families, and the community to promote health and wellbeing.
  • Team Collaboration: Building constructive working relationships with nurses and other stakeholders in the health and wellness center.
  • Resource Utilization: Efficiently utilizing materials and resources.
  • Communication Skills: Demonstrating strong communication and interpersonal skills.

Application Process

Applications must be submitted online at the E-Recruitment portal: Gauteng Professional Job Center. Hand-delivered, faxed, or emailed applications will not be accepted. Department of Health: X12 Enrolled Nursing assistants (COVID-19 contract)

For assistance with online applications, email your query to Applications must include a fully completed and signed new Z83 application form, obtainable from any Public Service Department or online at DPSA Documents, along with a recently updated comprehensive Curriculum Vitae (CV).

Important Notes for Applicants

  • Applications without a new Z83 application form and detailed CV will be disqualified.
  • Applicants must indicate the post reference number on their applications.
  • Shortlisted candidates will be contacted by HR to submit certified copies of educational qualifications and other relevant documents not older than six months before the interview.
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to have foreign qualifications evaluated by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).
  • All foreign qualifications must be accompanied by an evaluation certificate from SAQA.
  • Correspondence will be limited to shortlisted candidates.
  • Suitable candidates will undergo vetting and personnel pre-employment suitability checks, including criminal record, citizenship, credit record checks, qualification verification, and employment verification.

The commitment to mental wellbeing and emotional wellness is evident in the care provided. Physical wellness and spiritual wellness are also key aspects, as Staff Nurses work in harmony with the principles of holistic health.

Why Work at Steve Biko Academic Hospital?

Steve Biko Academic Hospital is renowned for its commitment to excellence in patient care, health and wellness, and professional development. Working here offers an opportunity to join a dedicated team at the forefront of healthcare services in South Africa. The hospital provides a supportive environment for staff, promoting continuous learning, ethical standards, and emotional health.

For those looking to find a wellness center near me or a wellness clinic that values social wellness and health wellness, these positions offer an excellent opportunity. The importance of intellectual wellness is recognized through continuous learning and professional development.

From 5 ways to wellbeing to specialized womens wellness programs, the ministry of health and wellness ensures comprehensive care. The focus on women’s wellness center initiatives highlights the inclusive approach towards health and wellness.

This is a fantastic opportunity for dedicated nursing professionals to contribute to healthcare and wellness during a critical time. If you meet the requirements and are passionate about patient care and wellbeing, we encourage you to apply for this rewarding role at Steve Biko Academic Hospital.

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